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Moving Home: A tornado dropped down in my room
August 2, 2008, 5:00 am
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One of the realities of moving back home when you haven’t been there in four years is that your room becomes completely overtaken with Stuff  That Is Not Yours.  This is not so much a big deal, provided you don’t have any Stuff That Is Yours. But when the two worlds of Stuffs collide, you get what is, in most countries, known as A Mess.

Here are a few shots of my room yesterday before the cleaning process began. As I slowly work through the clutter, which continues today, I’ll keep posting pictures of my progress.

The combined collection of American Girl Dolls that my sisters and I own are piled onto this antique chair, covered with an old quilt. Lovely.

Here you can see my purse, my suitcase, several boxes, and yes, that's sister Cocoa in the bed. She came up to 'help' me sort through stuff.

We've got drawers filled with clothes that are not mine and a dresser piled high with stuff that I couldn't find another place for.


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