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LOST: Analysis of Episodes #1 and #2
January 22, 2009, 2:59 pm
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I’m not going to promise to do this every week, because generally promises like that end up getting broken. But here’s my thoughts on last night’s three hours of LOST awesomeness. If you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, you won’t want to keep reading. Also, if you don’t watch LOST, you probably don’t want to keep reading, because I’m going to sound crazy.

First, I was thankful for the 8 p.m. recap. I had completely forgotten so much of what happened at the end of last season. I watched it with Christian and our friend Jeffrey (and Pat and L.J., his dogs), and we were frantically trying to put pieces together during the commercials as we remembered things that had happened.

1. Is Locke really dead? He sure looks dead in the casket, but I think we’ll see him again in the future (the real future, not the island future).

2. The beginning is a flashback, clearly, with the Asian Dharma guy. Nothing too weird, except for we find out that the wheel Ben turned in the season finale last year is some sort of energy releaser. Still, how does Ben end up getting so close to it, when it almost kills everyone else?

3. And WHAT THE HECK IS DANIEL DOING THERE?!?!! Did he go back in time? Is he like Desmond? Or did he grow up on the island, only to leave it later? If he was traveling in time, it would have to have been fairly recently before he went to the island on the freighter, because he looks like he’s the same age.

4. Who sent the lawyers to Kate’s house? I was thinking Ben, to get her scared so she would want to go back to the island, but what about Sun? Maybe she’s doing it to make Kate lash out at Ben? And who wants Aaron – Widmore or Ben?

5. Locke is traveling through time differently than everyone else… or maybe just differently than the Others. They don’t appear to be moving, but Juliet does. So maybe it only affects people who were on the island initially from a certain point.

6. Can dead people come back to life? Locke is dead in the future, but he comes back. Ethan is shown alive, but we know he’s dead. Does this mean maybe Hurley will get to see Libby again? Oh, please, let it be so.

7. Who sent the guys in the “safe” hotel room? Sayid doesn’t seem to be on Ben’s side anymore, but Ben wouldn’t want Sayid or Hurley to die, so they must be from Widmore. Also, Sayid is such a ninja. I love him.

8. My favorite quote – “When am I?” (Locke)

9. Is Hurley really crazy? How come he keeps seeing dead people? Big surprise at seeing Ana Lucia again.

10. It seemed like the Losties on the island were in the future, but then the fire arrows came, and the people who were after them were clearly original Dharma people. What the heck!?!

11. Is Sun trying to manipulate Kate, or is she really sincere?

12. Somehow Locke ended up at the same time as everyone else, even though at other times he seemed to be in a different period.

13. The lady at the end of the episode is Ms. Hawking, the same woman who wouldn’t sell Desmond an engagement ring in a previous episode. Now she’s somehow higher up than Ben, which is scary, because you kind of get the impression that Ben has everything figured out. And she seems to be really concerned that Hurley got sent to jail, but seriously, Ben? You can’t get him out of jail? You had Sayid’s wife killed, for goodness’ sake. Surely you can get Hurley out of jail.

14. I like Charlotte, and I hope she doesn’t die, but the nosebleed is not a good sign. It seems like Desmond maybe wants her to die, because he’s not really doing anything or even telling her that the nosebleed is really bad.

15. My friend Jeffrey and I have been e-mailing back and forth today, and he came up with the following, with a little help from Lostpedia:

Daniel wrote in his journal that he was going to make Desmond his contant. So… the red-headed girl [Charlotte] that Dan likes, when her nose started to bleed, Dan remembered what happened last season to George [editor’s note: the guy on the freighter]. George’s nose started to bleed because he was time skipping with no constant, then he died. Dan loves that red head so when he saw her nose bleeding, he was willing to break his rule that you can’t change things in order to try to save her.

Also, Richard [head of the Others], the guy who never ages… the reason he never ages is that the time skips don’t actually change where you are physically located. I think that’s why Locke time skipped but was always physically located in the same place (for example, under the yellow plane). Also, at Oxford when Desmond visited Dan, Dan used that rat to demonstrate that he could send its conscience back in time, but didn’t he didn’t send the rat’s physical body back in time.

I like Jeffrey’s thoughts. The point about Desmond being Daniel’s constant is a good one, and something that I’d forgotten since last season.

So there you have it. Everything I could come up with. Those of you who are LOST fans, feel free to chime in.