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Scripture Memorization

When I was younger and my mom homeschooled me, every month I had to memorize a passage of Scripture. I was also involved in AWANA, in which you memorize Scripture for badges and other rewards.

At the time, I did it because it was what was required. But now, I’m reaping the benefits of verse upon verse of God’s Word being in my head. It gives me the opportunity to meditate on the words of God even if I don’t have my Bible open in front of me.

One of my greatest passions is for Christians in my generation to develop a deep and lasting love for God’s word. The best way I’ve found to do this, aside from being in a local church that preaches the Bible, is to memorize Scripture, and so this page is a list of resources I’ve found that either help you learn how to memorize Scripture or that talk about the benefits of it.

Guides to memorizing Scripture
An Approach to the Extended Memorization of Scripture Christian is using this method to memorize the book of 1 Peter. I’m using it to memorize 1 John, although I tweak it a little bit for my learning style. This site has an e-mail program that helps you memorize Scripture by filling in blanks. The site includes the whole books of Ephesians and Romans and also has the Fighter Verse programs from John Piper’s church.

Articles about memorizing Scripture
If My Words Abide in You [John Piper] A sermon in which Piper shares his testimony of memorizing Scripture and also examines how Jesus used Scripture memorization.

Memorizing Scripture – An Interview [] Tim Challies interviews Ryan Ferguson, who has committed entire books of the Bible to memory. This article was a great encouragement to me.

Why Memorize Scripture? [John Piper] Some of the biblical reasons Piper gives are that memorizing Scripture helps conform us to Christ, but also gives us daily triumph over sin and Satan.

Scripture memorization @ OHMU
Retaining Scripture You’ve Already Memorized So you’ve started memorizing a book of the Bible – great! But how do you make sure you don’t forget it? In this post, I share a technique I’ve used to make sure I don’t forget long passages of Scripture.

What I’ve Learned From Memorizing Scripture Having God’s Word in your heart means more than just spitting out verses here and there. In this post, I share some of the other things I’ve discovered as I try to memorize Scripture.


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