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16 weeks to go
December 29, 2008, 10:25 pm
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It’s a little less than 16 weeks until our wedding, and while I do want to look the best that I can for the wedding pictures that will live in infamy where I like them or not, I also want to start practicing a lifestyle of health that I can keep up once we’re married and having kids. I already go to the gym fairly regularly, but I am hoping over the next 16 weeks to lose 10-15 pounds and get back up to running several miles at a time. Last year at this time, I was training for the Cooper River Bridge Run, but I pushed myself a little too hard and ended up having to take time off from running.

Instead of starting a “fitness blog,” I’m just going to maintain a page over in the right sidebar where I’ll keep track of my workouts and my weight loss over the next 16 weeks. For you RSS and Facebook-ers who don’t feel like visiting my blog’s page, I’ll just link to it once a week so you can see where I’m at.

Suggestions for workouts on the treadmill and elliptical, as well as ab and arm strength training exercises, are welcome. I like to mix up what I’m doing.

Yay, accountability.


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