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Honestly, it doesn’t feel that much like Christmas
December 24, 2008, 2:22 pm
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I’m in Christian’s apartment, sitting on his couch, using his computer. My sister Allison (18) is sitting next to me, trying not to fall asleep.

Christian is washing up some dishes in the kitchen. He only has to work until 3 today (45 minutes from now), but he took lunch at 1:30, so once he finishes the dishes, he’s going to go back to work for 30 minutes.

While he’s gone, I’m going to start getting his suitcase packed. When he gets back, the three of us are going to pile into my car and head up to Asheville, North Carolina, to where my parents, other sister (Dayna, 14 y.o.) and our dog, Teddy have been since yesterday.

Feelings aren’t everything, but it really doesn’t feel much like Christmas. My sister and I were talking about it on the way to Christian’s apartment, and I think it’s because I’m not in school anymore. In college, I would generally be done with school in the first or second week of December, and then there would be at least a week until Christmas where all I did was sleep, hang out with friends and pretty much do nothing.

I worked a half day yesterday, so I had yesterday afternoon to do nothing, but now Christmas is here, and on Monday, it will be back to work.

I think it’s also so different not to be with the rest of our extended family. I’m excited about just being with our immediate family (and Christian), but there’s something about getting in the car for the long road trip to Florida that makes it feel more like Christmas.

Thankfully, my feelings don’t dictate Christmas, though, so tomorrow is still the day we celebrate Christ’s birth. I’m excited about that, because for probably the the first Christmas ever, I really feel like I understand the magnitude of what God did.

And that, my friends, is more than enough to make me feel like it’s Christmas.


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I recently gave up cheese. Partly because of weight gain…mostly because of my lactose intolerance. I finally realized this what I have done to compensate for the loss of this wonderful product…hot sauce and spices. Works for me…it might for you.

Comment by Joe

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