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On the menu tonight
December 12, 2008, 3:38 pm
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I was working on a post about birth control. This is not that post. In fact, it’s almost like the exact opposite, in that I can’t imagine how this will possibly be even kind of contoversial.

But it’s Friday, and I’m weary. I’d rather write about something delicious, like food.

If asked what our favorite things to do together are, both Christian and I would name the following: Going to the grocery store; cooking; trying new restaurants; watching movies; reading. Note that 60 percent of those activities involve food.

Which is why I’m looking forward to this evening, when we’re really going to cook. Not just some form of spaghetti, but a meal with more than one dish.

For our main course, we’re going to attempt a version of Pioneer Woman’s crispy yogurt chicken. I don’t know how PW’s chicken tastes because I’ve never tried to make it, but this recipe looked good, too (and I love cilantro), so we’re going to make an attempt. We bought bone-in chicken thighs because they were cheap.

Our necessary dish that involves cheese is Sunny Anderson’s spicy macaroni and cheese. We’ve made this once before, and it was the cause of The Big Bacon Fight that actually resolved quite nicely. We liked it the first time, but we wanted to make it again because of two poor decisions the first time (and because it was good): The noodles were too big (we used long ziti noodles) and the hot habanero cheese we got was, well, hot. So this time, we settled on mini sea shells and regular ol’ Monterey Jack.

Our vegetable is one of our recurring favorites – roasted asparagus. Christian isn’t picky at all, but asparagus is not his favorite – and yet he loves the way I make this. Basically, I get the thickest asparagus I can find, cut off the end of the stalk (not with the leaves – the other end), rinse them, and put them in a big gallon ziploc bag. Then pour some olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder into the bag. Close the bag (very important) and roll, shake, throw the bag until the asparagus is covered. Then dump the stalks onto a foil-lined baking sheet and cook for7-ish minutes at 400 degrees. Not too soggy, not too hard, and a rich flavor.

For dessert, I will probably have some oatmel chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream that we bought at Publix last week, but I’m guessing Christian is going to try the double chocolate peppermint cookies I made last night. For the chocolate chips, I used 1/3 mini semi-sweet chips, 1/3 jumbo semi-sweet chips, and 1/3 special dark chips. I did this because we had three opened bags of chocolate chips and I was trying to use them all up. Anyway, one of the reasons I think these cookies were a success is because I enjoy eating them after they’re cooled. I’m actually not a huge fan of non-freshly-baked cookies, but these are light and thin enough that they’re enjoyable. And also, chocolate and peppermint? Who can complain?

Wondering where I come up with recipe ideas? Two places: Food Network and blogs. When I’m on the treadmill, I watch Food Network, and if I have a few free moments and control of the remote, I watch Food Network. I subscribe to probably 30 food blogs, so almost every day I see something worth trying.

And that, my friends, is what we’re eating for dinner tonight. How ’bout you?


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i love joy the baker!
and i love peppermint + chocolate. yum.

Comment by Sarah McGalliard

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