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October 30, 2008, 5:21 pm
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The last few days have really shaken me spiritually and emotionally.

On Monday morning, a young lady from my church was in a car wreck. By the grace of God, she survived, even though she was ejected from the car. Three days later, she’s progressed very well, although it will be a long road to recovery.

She’s supposed to be married in December, but she could be in the hospital for months.

As her family (she has one older sister) gathered around her, more problems. Her older sister was hospitalized today for some GI problems. How much more difficult can it become for this family?

I know the Lord is sovereign. I don’t know her family very well personally, but I’ve seen their love for the Lord at church, and I know that He has them in the palm of His hand.

And it has humbled me this week. At the gym Tuesday night I was doing some free weights, and as I looked in the mirror, I wasn’t too pleased with what I saw. But instantly the Lord turned my thoughts to Ann Forrest. I bet she – and her family and fiance – would give anything just to be able to stand up. And here, I’m upset that I’m not as skinny as I wish I were.

There have been some difficult circumstances at home, but are they as difficult as what Ann Forrest’s family is going through?

I’m not pretending like my struggles don’t exist, but rather, I’m thankful for the reminder this week that God is bigger than any circumstance that seems so formidable, and He’s got li’l old me in His hands, too.


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As I said on Twitter, I’m praying for Ann.

I’ve also written about appreciating what you have. You might want to check it out:

Comment by Jason Mitchener

Thanks so much. 🙂

[phone numbers removed. if you want to get in touch with me, seriously. just e-mail.]

Comment by Chelsey

Wow.. so… I love the new e-mail comment reply that posts my phone number on my comment. Glad I tried that out…

Comment by Chelsey

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