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Close to Jesus
October 22, 2008, 2:13 pm
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In what seems like another life, I had a blog where I wrote about even more mundane things than I cover here. At the same time, I attempted to cover deep theological concepts – some that were controversial – and even engaged in some heavy debate with people who disagreed with me.

Sometimes I think about those times, and I laugh. Was that really me? How did I have time for that?

Truth be told, it was two summers ago when I lived with my dear friend Emily for three months. I had just started dating Christian, and his passion for the Reformed faith had caused mine to burn even hotter. Emily and I spent hours every night composing blog posts about election and total depravity and limited atonement.

When I started this blog (remember, originally it was Grace, Grammar and Good Eats), I wanted something lighter. Somewhere I could write about cooking and organizing and whatever I wanted. I did that at first, and I loved it, but suddenly I felt that there were more thoughts in me that I needed to get out, even if no one ever read them.

And so I moved over to brown eyed basics, where I’m enjoying increased readership, posts about cooking and organization and getting to know more people in the blogosphere.

Here, though, I have returned to my original blogging roots and written about God and loving Jesus and loving others. I haven’t written much of anything controversial, unless loving Jesus is controversial (and, I guess, the applications of that sometimes are).

But in the last couple of weeks, I’ve started thinking more and more about those topics I used to run into the ground on my previous blog. I’m not really interested in starting a Calvinism-Arminianism debate here at OHMU, and I probably don’t need to write out all my beliefs on limited atonement. But I want to write about keeping the Sabbath, which is controversial. And I want to write about birth control, which definitely gets people hot under the collar. And today I read a post at about abortion. I was surprised to find that I actually disagreed with Tim Challies on a particular point of his position. And I want to write about it.

In some ways, it may seem silly that I’m tackling big topics like these when my main problem, doubt and unbelief, is not really resolved. But as I’m discovering through my “intervention,” thinking about things of the Lord keeps me close to Him, even when I’m struggling with unbelief. And being close to Jesus, my friends, is never bad.

So if you see me tackling bigger things, fear not. It’s still me.


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