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Servanthood is not beneath me
October 20, 2008, 9:28 am
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I’ve been sorely neglecting this blog. I think that it’s mostly because I have all these things I think of to write about, so I feel like I have written about them. Then I look at my posts and realize I’ve only written one post in the last week.

My daily Elisabeth Elliott devotional really hit me this morning, so I thought I would share part of it:

A woman was asked to speak to the women students of a seminary about job opportunities for those with seminary degrees. She writes, “I talked to them first principally about being, doing, and going as God wills (not who am I, but whose am I). Then I listed both traditional and creative ways to fulfill needs in the Kingdom of God. Three feminists were offended especially that I should mention a nanny among the 70+ jobs. But Aristotle was a ‘nanny’ to Alexander the Great! These women had bought into the values of the world and were ready to fight for their ten years of executive computer programming. They said my talk had ‘put them down more than any man’s.'”

Theology means the study of God, but if an earned degree in that field confers a position in life which makes servanthood “beneath us” (three women felt “put down”), something is badly amiss. “The servant is not greater than his master,” Jesus said. “Once you have realized these things, you will find your happiness in doing them” (John 13:16,17).

At this point, I’m not using my degree and I sometimes am tempted to feel like I deserve to be doing something better than what I’m doing. But I know that God has good plans for my future, and right now I believe that they are (eventually) getting married to Christian and following him to whatever seminary he ends up at. These are not grandiose ambitions by the world’s standards, but I have to be careful not to start thinking that servanthood is “beneath me.”

It’s not beneath me to work in an office doing mostly mundane tasks, because I can do them for the glory of God.

It’s not beneath me to drop off my sister at her friend’s house, because that serves her and my parents and demonstrates the love of Christ.

It’s not beneath me to be passionate about teaching two-year-olds lessons from God’s Word, even when it seems like they don’t really understand.

And it’s not beneath me to wait patiently for God’s timing in my relationship with Christian, because in the meantime, He’s teaching me how to be faithful in the little things.


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