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Unto the least of these
October 9, 2008, 11:00 am
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When I got out of my car yesterday at boot camp, I saw two other participants sitting next to a young lady on the curb of the parking lot. The woman looked upset. I went inside and didn’t think about it much, but inside, everyone was talking about her.

Apparently the young lady was rather intoxicated. She was on leave from a military base in Virginia, and she had been out partying all night. She was driving around, realized she didn’t know how to get home and had ended up at the gym.

Opinions were varied on what should be done. One of the girls from our group (M) was with her and had offered to drive her home. Some said that someone should call the police. Others seemed apathetic.

I thought about her while we were exercising, especially when we saw her and M still sitting outside. Apparently the police had come, but M had promised not to let the girl drive by herself, so the policeman had left. A lot of people were upset about this, saying the policeman didn’t do his job. Others said the girl was lucky, because in the military you don’t get any chances. I thought the policeman was compassionate.

When we went back inside to stretch, M came in and asked if anyone had any cash. The girl lived too far away for M to take her home, so she was going to call a cab, but they needed 20 dollars. The front desk had 15. Would anyone be able to pitch in?

It was terrifyingly awkward. For a while no one said anything, then mumbles. Some said they hadn’t brought their wallets or just didn’t have any cash. M said she understood and left. When I walked to my car, M and a woman from the front desk were sitting with the girl. I don’t know what happened to her.

I was struck with the story of the Good Samaritan. I tried to tell myself there was nothing I could have done.

It wasn’t like that story.

She was drunk. She had brought that on herself.

But she was hurting and she needed help.

There were other people who were helping her.

But so many weren’t. And you were one of them. And you say you love Me.

She wouldn’t have even remembered me talking to her.

I would have seen it.

I had my wallet in my car, with at least three dollars in it. I had known the whole time.

Just call me the Levite.

Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner.


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I love the honesty in this account of your experience yesterday.

Comment by Ryan Vincent

I just found your blog from GLBL. I was drawn by the title–I’m so there.

Thank you for this story. I struggle with all of these same feelings. Thankfully, our walk is a process and even more thankfully, God’s grace covers all of our missteps.

Comment by Summer

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