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He [hearts] his wife
October 8, 2008, 5:25 pm
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5:05 a.m. The alarm went off. I stumbled out of bed and opened my bedroom door, prepared to grope through the darkness to the bathroom down the hall.

Instead, the light in the computer room was on. My mom, wide-eyed, moved into the hallway.

“Are you OK?” I asked her. She said she hadn’t been able to sleep all night.

I got ready for boot camp, then went downstairs to put my shoes on and grab my water bottle. Mom was on the couch trying to sleep. She said she had been up since midnight. Medicine hadn’t worked.

She asked me to pray for her as I drove to boot camp. I reached down to hug her. I started weeping.

She told me not to worry about her, that she didn’t want me to be thinking about her all through boot camp.

I couldn’t help it. Tears flowed freely on the short drive to the gym. I prayed that God would give my mom peace, that He would deliver her from the schemes of the devil, that she would receive precious sleep.

I started to worry about her driving my sister to school, taking my other sister to the doctor. Would she be OK to drive? Would she be alright alone at the house? Had she been able to fall asleep again?

I wished I had prayed with her before I left.

But I was reminded in my prayers that my dad was there, that he would make the best decisions for the morning, that he would take care of my mom.

When I got home, my dad was about to leave for work. He told me to wake my mom up when I left for work, that she had been able to fall back asleep. He said she would be fine. I trusted him.

On the way to work I was behind a land rover at a stoplight. A bumper sticker on the car said, “I [heart] MY WIFE.” I thought about how rare that was for someone to proclaim that. I hoped that he loved his wife in his actions, and not just on his bumper sticker.

And I said another prayer, praising God for giving me a dad who loves his wife and his girls.


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