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Music you should buy
October 4, 2008, 8:00 am
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I’m pretty particular about music. I don’t know a lot of artists, but the ones I like, I like. For example, when I decided I liked Red Mountain Church, I bought all their CDs. Same with Sara Groves. I got Derek Webb’s CDs when they came out, one by one. I have all of Sandra McCracken’s CDs. You get the picture.

I first heard Jon Foreman on Pandora. He is/was the lead singer of Switchfoot. He was singing a song called “I Am Still Running.” Then last night I heard another one of his songs, “Learning How to Die.” Both are beautiful. I looked him up in iTunes and found that he has 4 EPs, each with six songs, each for $5.94.

Guess how many I bought?

My “other stuff” budget category is awfully low after only three days of October, but if I run out of entertainment money, I can just listen to these CDs all day.

Seriously. You need to get them. Or at least one. You don’t have to be all-or-nothing like me.


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The one problem I have with John Foreman is that on the song “Baptize My Mind”, he totally ripped off Sufjan Stevens’s sound. It’s not even subtle. I haven’t heard his other stuff, though. I liked some Switchfoot songs. I’ll have to check him out.

Comment by Kyle Hatchett

Kyle, I hadn’t really listened to that song much when I read it, so I wasn’t sure what you meant. But I went and listened to it and I think I can see what you’re saying, although I don’t know Sufjan Stevens all that well.

I was mainly impressed with some of his more Scriptural songs – namely “House of God, Forever,” “Again,” “White as Snow” and “Instead of a Show.” The last one is based on the passage in Amos where God says He hates the people’s worship. It sounds kind of Derek Webb-y, but it’s straight Scripture. You should listen to the clips on iTunes.

Comment by Chelsey

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