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Nurturing a taste for heaven
September 24, 2008, 7:00 am
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When I think of heaven, sometimes I don’t want to be there, because all I can picture is a bunch of angels singing the same song over and over again for millennia.

I was comforted the other day when one of my friends said she felt the same way.

She said she sometimes feels like she doesn’t want to go to heaven – yet – because there are so many places to go, so many things to experience here on earth. I know what she means.

If I’m honest with myself, I would say, I don’t want to die before I know what it’s like to be a wife.

And there are other things. I want to write a novel. I want to go to the mountain in Switzerland that Christian once described to me. I want to have kids. I want to grow old and see grandbabies crawl across my hardwood floors.

In our discussion, there were moments of silence where I think each of us was imagining all those things we want to do before we have to go to heaven.

And therein the problem lies.

I think because the world is so close and so visible and so tantalizing, to leave seems like a forced decision. There may be wars and shootings and car wrecks, but there are good things, too. Things I love. People I love.

And yet we know that we’re merely passing through. So why do we struggle so much at the thought of letting go?

I think it’s because we don’t have a proper taste for heaven.

I don’t know what heaven is like. Are the streets really gold? Are there angels floating around like fairies? What kind of room will I get – or will it be a mansion like some think?

But there’s one thing I know.

Jesus will be there.

And maybe that’s all we really need to focus on in order to let go of all the things we hold dear in this world. The fact that the One who bled and died to free us from everything that entangles us will be waiting, with open arms, for us.

In His presence there is fullness of joy. At His right hand, pleasures forevermore.


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Chelsey, I totally relate to this and even wrote a devotional message with similar thoughts. You can read “Come Quickly” here:

Comment by Jason Mitchener

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