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What’s leaving, what’s staying
September 9, 2008, 11:44 am
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It’s been kind of a whirlwind here at at the blogster. First I changed the design, then I changed the name, now I’m about to throw you all completely for a loop.

Blame J.D. Roth, who blogs not only at Get Rich Slowly, but also at Get Fit Slowly. He was the one who first planted this thought in my mind – that your blogs should have a focus.

I’ve been telling myself for a while that “Grace, Grammar and Good Eats” DID have a focus – I mean, pretty much everything I wanted to write about fit into that category. But over my blogging break of the last couple weeks, I’ve been wanting to write more freely about what the Lord is teaching me, and it just didn’t seem to fit in with posting recipes and talking about how I use Google Calendar.

This is my primary blog, where I hope to put most of my blogging energy. But because I would also like to be a part of the community I’ve found among personal finance and simple living bloggers, I need another place to post about things. And so I’ve created Brown Eyed Basics, my take on living simply and frugally – from the perspective of a complete nerd, mind you.

Over the next couple of weeks, I hope to move some of my organization/personal finance/fitness posts from here over to the other blog. Of course, I’ll still talk about those things at this blog (so there will be some crossover), but I want to be able to be more focused in my writing, and this is the best solution.

So if you’re subscribing in a feed, make sure to add Brown Eyed Basics to your blog reader. You’ll see some repeats at first, but I’ve got a plethora of new posts in the process! The first post is part of the WFMW blog carnival – I wrote about how “doing the next thing” works for me.

And of couse, I’d love for you to keep reading this blog, because writing about God and my Christian walk is really where my heart is, and I want those of you who I’ve gotten to know better through this blog to still be part of my life.

Until we meet again.


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