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Sarah Palin – role model or not?
September 2, 2008, 12:20 pm
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I have been reading a lot about Sarah Palin, which isn’t hard these days since she’s all over the news. First there were the stories about her background, which seems really interesting. Then rumors that her fifth child was actually her daughter’s child – a rumor proved false, since the next story was that her 17-year-old daughter, Bristol, really is pregnant.

I have been excited about Sarah Palin ever since McCain announced her as his running mate, and it seemed like most conservatives and Christians were excited as well. Then last night I ran into some other viewpoints from Christians I really respect that seem to think it’s wrong for her to be in this position.

Voddie Baucham, who is an incredibly godly man, thinks that Palin is decidedly anti-family, though he says so in a gracious way.

And then Nancy Ann Wilson, who writes at Femina, has a completely different take.

I think the point that she is not in church leadership but in civil leadership is well taken. While we never see a woman in a church leadership position in Scripture, we do see Deborah and Esther called by God to impact the people – roles that are similar to the vice presidency. I also think it is a good point that we are not necessarily called to vote for people who are godly Christian role models, although that would be nice.

From what I can see, Sarah Palin loves her family, is vehemently against abortion, believes in strict interpretation of the Constitution, and is supporting her teenage daughter in an incredibly difficult circumstance. So far, these things stand out to me as reasons to vote a McCain/Palin ticket – not as reasons not to.

I’d be interested to hear other opinions.


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I don’t get any of it. The same evangelicals who frown upon a mother working outside the home as a CEO of a company, are singing the praises of a woman with 5 children (one with down’s syndrome and one pregnant) working full time as a national leader. Does anyone see the hypocricy?

If Mrs. Palin had no children, or had no children still under her care at home, than YES she would be a role model. BUT, that is not the case. I want someone in office, who can focus on her job 100% with a clear conscience–without having to choose between her job and her families.

When you wear too many hats, mediocrity will be the result of the roles you play–you will never achieve excellency at any one of them.

When choices have to be made by her as to who comes first–should the nation pay the price or should her husband and family?

Comment by D.L. Kane

I am torn. I think she is an invaluable pick for the conservative ticket. She has certainly brought a breath of fresh air into the upcoming election. I also disagree completely with the first link’s comments about her having authority over her husband. I don’t think that he has the knowledge or insight to make such bold statements; what does he know about how the Palin household is managed?

However, there is in my heart a bit of sadness when I realize that this woman is missing out on the huge blessing that comes from being a worker at home, particularly when children are a part of the equation. The thing is though, I feel the same way when I see similar priorities in women within my own sphere of acquaintance. Real estate or Vice-President? Regardless of whether or not their choices are right, they can still do their jobs well.

I do not know what she believes, and the authority of Scripture and the encouragement/mandate(?) for women to work primarily in the home may not be a part of her understanding of truth. Certainly it is still truth, but it may not be something that she sees as binding on her.

I agree most heartily with Nancy Wilson; she is not a perfect role-model for Christian women. However, as a politician she has my support.

Comment by Mary Catherine

I would love for a woman to be vice president but from what I have read about her I do not think she has the qualifications no matter what people say. Of the many things I have read, most are contradicting which in itself says something about her especially when they include video to back it up. Palin also seems to think she know Obama know well that she says that Obama regrets not having Clinton has his VP. All she seems to want is power. This is a woman who hired her friends in important positions and is in court right now over someone she let go. Her stand on abortion is unfortunately not as important is as well as she can make decisions as she appears to be indecisive. She would make the US more of a laughing stock than Bush has already made us. She does not impress me one bit. It seems that in Alaska while in office she wanted books banned on her say so, and when the librarian disagressed and would not agree – she decided the only thing left to do was to let the librarian go — the people were picketing in the streets because of her decisions.

Comment by Cassandra

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