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Destroying holiday-related vegetables; or how I’m clueless about music
August 15, 2008, 5:00 am
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I love music.

Sometimes, you know, a song just hits you, and it’s like a brand-new door has been opened and you see the world or God or your heart or other people in a whole new light.

But as much as I love music, my love is very… broad, I guess you could say.

And by that I mean my love is very general, and not very specific.

Oh, I have a few favorite artists whose songs I know by heart, and I would recognize them a mile away.

But when it comes to hearing a song on the radio and knowing who sings it, I’m at a loss.

The other night Christian was dropping me off and a song came on the radio. I started singing along, and Christian asked what the name of the song was. I had no idea. And I was OK with not knowing.

All this to say that when Christian told me that he was going to try to win some Smashing Pumpkins tickets on the radio, I just replied, “Oh, cool.” It’s not that I don’t like their music. It’s just that I don’t know what it sounds like.

Honestly, all that the band name recalls to mind is a book I read when I was younger. It was some piece of young adult fiction, and the kids in the story were fans of the Smashing Pumpkins. Back then, I just had images of scarecrow-like men with pumpkin heads smashing their noggins on the ground. Somewhat violent.

And that’s what I thought of when he told me about it. In passing he said, “Oh, and if I win, we could go.” OK, I thought. But who ever wins those radio contests? (Honestly, though, I once won something. It was on a Christian radio station, and they asked where a certain illustration came from in the Bible. I had just read it the day before, and I quickly called and had the first right answer. I was twelve or so, and it was the highlight of my year. I was homeschooled.)

Well, a couple weeks ago I got an email from Christian with the subject line “Tickets.”

Sure enough, he won the tickets.

So in lieu of Fitness Friday, I’m leaving you with a picture of lead singer Billy Corgan and heading up to Charlotte with Christian to see a band who I honestly expect to have heads shaped like pumpkins.


photo by Ignoto


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I won tickets to the George Strait Music Festival when I was 12 after sitting by the radio for like three weeks straight.

Comment by Emily

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