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Because the Olympics are addicting…
August 13, 2008, 8:00 am
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I stayed up way too late last night, and as I rushed up to brush my teeth before the Chinese female gymnasts did their final routine, I realized I didn’t really have a blog post for today.

Seriously. Has anyone been watching the gymnastics? I haven’t had a chance to watch the guys, but I’ve watched almost all of the girls’ team events, and it’s awesome. Shawn Johnson, a 16-year-old on the American team, is phenomenal. Look her up on YouTube.

So for today, I thought I’d address a few questions and point you to some of the other stuff I’m working on. I usually end up doing this over the weekend, which is dumb, because the weekends are generally a slow time for blogs.

Rachel of SmallNotebook asked a couple of questions in the comments. Her first question was which of my 101 things I’ll be starting with. I’ve actually already finished one – memorizing Psalm 34. I’d been working on it off and on, but in the last couple days I’ve ramped it up. I said it out loud to Christian last night and forgot one verse, but got the rest of it. A couple more days and I think that it will really be solid.

Her other question was if I have an idea for a book. Those of you who were around last Friday saw a little excerpt I posted. That’s actually the inklings of my idea for a book, and to keep it separate from my writing here, I’ve posted what I have so far over at this site. I’m not sure where that will end up, but I’m setting aside time to write each day, so… we’ll see. The initial inspiration is, of course, from how I met Christian, but I think that the details will change significantly as I write.

Going back to the 101 things, obviously, some of them are things that will be continuous, like exercising and keeping a prayer journal. The other ones that I have in mind that aren’t like that are memorizing the Westminster Shorter Catechism and writing guest posts for other blogs. I’ve actually already got a tentative guest post ready for a personal finance blog that definitely has more readers than I do, so I’m really excited to have that opportunity!

As I write this Tuesday night, I’m watching Michael Phelps get his 11th gold medal. It’s stealing my attention away from blogging, honestly, so… have a great day.


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