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Moving Home: The towel fairy
August 7, 2008, 3:58 pm
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No, we don’t actually have a towel fairy at our home. We have the opposite of a towel fairy, whatever that is.

Last Thursday I generously contributed my seven towels to my family’s stockpile. I put all seven of them under the sink in the bathroom I share with my sisters. There were already a couple towels there.

Today, I got out of the shower and reached for a towel. The only one hanging up was wet.

No problem, I thought. I’m sure there are plenty of towels under the sink.

But a quick look revealed that there were, in fact, no towels left under the sink.

When I had seven towels, I would wash them once a month. Because I am a nerd, I did a quick calculation and discovered that I used 0.22 units of towel each day.

Multiply by 3, and you’ve got 0.66 units of towel being used each day (which is an overestimation, because my youngest sister doesn’t shower every day). Multiply by 7, and you get 4.74. I’ll be generous and round it up to 5. That’s how many towels we should have gone through in the past week. Instead, we went through at least twice that many.

I think the honeymoon period is over. And I hope I don’t continue to feel the need to do calculations like this.


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