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Moving Home: Smooth so far
August 6, 2008, 5:00 am
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So far, moving home has been uneventful and eventful at the same time: Uneventful because nothing crazy has happened; eventful because so many things have happened that wouldn’t be happening if I were living by myself.

There was Friday night, when my sister asked me to come in her room so I could see her new pets – two crabs.

There was the day when my mom made dinner – meatball subs – early so that I could take one to work.

And then there are the advantages that come with having others’ stuff nearby. I found a lot of junk in my room, but I also found my sister’s iPod speaker dock – now as I rearrange my room, I can easily hook up my iPod and listen to my jams.

I’ve also been able to go to the gym near my family’s house (there are 4 in my town; I have the membership that allows me to go to any of them). I went Monday for the first time and loved it. It’s more open than the gym downtown, and it’s busy, but not too busy. Yesterday I was even able to work out with my sister – how fun!

So, overall, at this point, the transition is going quite smoothly. I hope it continues this way, because I’m having a great time.


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