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Moving Home: Meet the fam
August 4, 2008, 5:00 am
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You can read a little about my family on my About Me page, but since this series is highlighting me moving back in with them, I thought they deserved an official introduction. You’ll hear much more about them in the days to come.

Cocoa, left, named for her mostly sweet disposition, and Peppermint, named for her spicy personality. And no, my sisters do not have any kind of mental handicap. This is them.

On a boring night over Christmas break, we sequestered ourselves in our aunt's old bedroom and had a photo shoot. Together, Pepp and Cocoa are a dangerous concoction.

A slightly more normal picture. Peppermint, 18, is starting college at a local tech school this fall. She'll be living at home still, which means reverting back to the days of making sure my clothes don't get stolen by her.

Cocoa, 14, loves taking pictures of herself. Clearly. She'll be starting high school this fall, and I think she's going to take my alma mater by storm.

Mom at Christmas, showing off the present from my dad, which was given to her in a birthday-themed bag. It's the thought that counts.

Dad, who prefers to remain anonymous online. Too bad, because I've got some great pictures of him. Here he is with the sixth member of our family, his only son.

The most spoiled member of our family, Teddy, who gets anything he wants (mostly food) just by looking at you with those eyes.

He's also incredible possessive of his toys. Don't even try to take that from him.


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