only help my unbelief

On the occasion of him reaching 22 years of age
July 26, 2008, 5:00 am
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Saturday times seven is taking a break this week in honor of Christian’s birthday. It’ll be back next week, where I’ll list seven things I can’t seem to get rid of.

To the guy who moved 400 miles away from everything he knows and loves;

To the guy who took a chance on me when I was emotionally unstable;

To the guy who brings me cherry limeade slushes from Sonic on my dinner break;

To the guy who doesn’t let me call myself a nerd;

To the guy who eats everything I make for him and tells me it’s delicious;

To the guy who washes my dishes for me every time he’s at my apartment;

To the guy who never raises his voice;

To the guy who has taught me what it means to trust in the Lord for all things;

To the guy who isn’t ashamed to work in the nursery;

To the guy who does monotonous data entry so he can save up money for us to get married;

To the guy who takes an interest in everything I do;

To the guy who cracks me up with his crazy voices;

To the guy who never says he doesn’t want to hold my hand;

To the guy who likes all the same foods I like and all the ones I don’t, making him the perfect human vacuum cleaner;

To the guy who was so sincerely thankful for his birthday present, I wished I could have gotten him twenty million other gifts;

To the guy who thinks I’m beautiful, even when I can’t see it;

Happy birthday.


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