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Wouldn’t you just know it…
July 14, 2008, 1:54 am
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I got this e-mail a while ago saying I could get 50 free prints for a penny from Snapfish if I did it by July 12. Well, that was Saturday, and I waited until the last possible minute to upload the pictures I wanted to print. Then, on Saturday, it said the offer had been extended three more days. So tonight I started uploading pictures. Finding 50 was hard, but I finally did.

I started to place my order and realized that there was a $3.77 shipping fee. That kinda stinks, I thought. So I looked into picking them up at a local store, and found out I could. I kept waiting for it to ask me for the coupon code so I could get them for a penny.

Suddenly, this message popped up:

“Your order has been placed!”

Um, what?

Turns out they had to be mail-order to get the free deal. The e-mail I got clearly stated that.

So now, instead of paying the $3.77 shipping fee like I was so opposed to doing, I get to pay $10.50 for 50 prints at $0.09 each.



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