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Monday motivation: Jesus will meet you there
July 14, 2008, 5:00 am
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Mondays are hard.

Sundays are, for me, the best day of the week (as they should be). Since I work Tuesday-Saturday, it’s my first day off after a week of work, which makes it automatically relaxing. It’s also the Lord’s day, which means fellowship with the saints at church and corporate worship. It means helping in the three-year-old Sunday school class, which is the highlight of my week. I also get to spend time with my family and with Christian.

So coming off that into a Monday and a long week ahead is sometimes, well, terrible.

Especially when there are innumerable things weighing on my mind, tempting me to worry about the future.

And so, for the beginning of a week in the marketplace, I offer you motivation from Shannon’s blog. Last Thursday she hosted a guest blogger who wrote about being the wife of a deployed soldier. Ashleigh talks about how hard it was when her husband first left, and how so many things were just as hard as she thought they would be. But then she says this:

And yet, when I’d looked ahead, I hadn’t seen Jesus there waiting for me. I wasn’t experiencing His grace while just imagining what was to come. When our two-year-old cries in the night for his daddy and my heart is breaking, I feel my Lord’s arms wrap around both of us, holding us close. When I wake up in the morning, unsure how to face another day and the loneliness is eating away at me, God gives grace like I’d never imagined. When my husband calls and listens over the phone to the boys playing, I know we’ve been given a blessing simply through technology. When I watch the news–which is purposely not often–and hear of a bombing in Iraq, the way God’s peace replaces the initial fear is nothing short of miraculous.

What a beautiful reminder. Ever since I read that, I’ve been asking God to remind me that Jesus will be there waiting for me in the future, even when all I can imagine are worst-case scenarios.

God, I don’t have a job. Jesus will be there while you keep looking.

God, I’m lonely, and I don’t have many close friends. Jesus will keep you company.

God, I don’t know how I’m going to pay all my bills. Jesus will hold you.

God, I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. Jesus will meet you there.


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