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Saturday times seven: Favorite blogs
July 12, 2008, 5:00 am
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Saturday times seven is my chance to tell you a little about myself and also learn a little about you. Why not post your seven at your blog, or just leave a comment telling me what you’d add to my list?

This week I’ve been redesigning my blog, so I’ve got blogging on the brain. And downtime at work gives me an opportunity to catch up on my Google Reader blogs, which only serves to remind me how much I love some of the blogs I read. If you’re looking for some new reading material that will bless you abundantly, check out one of these.

1. Tim Challies,
This is the first blog I ever read regularly. Tim posts about relevant topics in a biblical way. He is also a voracious reader and posts book reviews often. His posts generate a lot of comments, which are also really interesting to read, provided you have an even temper and don’t post too hastily!

2. Crystal Paine, Biblical Womanhood and Money Saving Mom
This is technically two blogs, but she writes both and they’re kind of connected (and I couldn’t narrow my favorite blogs down any further, honestly). She writes on the first one about broad topics, mostly about having a God-glorifying home and family life. That doesn’t so much apply to my situation right now, but I’ve been so blessed by her simplicity and love for the Lord, her husband and her two girls. Her second site is how she brings in income for her family – by sharing coupon deals and freebies. I’ve learned a lot about saving money from this site, and I hope that when I’m a mom, I’ll be a money saver like her!

3. Jason, Frugal Dad
I had a hard time picking my favorite personal finance blogs, but Jason’s is the one I go to first. He introduced me to ING Direct (look for a post about that next week), and he consistently posts articles that are helping me learn better how to manage my money. He also just started forums at his site, which are quickly filling up with interesting topics. You can find me there under the name chelseylkc.

4. Elizabeth Esther
She posts really funny anecdotes about her life with five kids, but probably the number one reason I read her blog is because of the pictures she posts of her twin baby girls, Jorai and Jasiel. They are absolutely the cutest babies I’ve ever seen. Men, just stick with some of the previous blogs I’ve mentioned.

5. Jennifer Scott
I stumbled across Jennifer’s blog one night at work and spent the rest of the night reading through her archives and laughing at the hilarious stories about her triplets K, P and R. Incidentally, she also posts adorable pics of her kids, who are now 4 years old (can you see a pattern yet?). She writes incredibly Godly posts that really bless me.

6. The Rabbit Room
This is an aggregate of sorts for several authors who write under the leadership of excellent musician Andrew Peterson, known on the blog as The Proprietor. They post about music, art, movies and random stuff. I’m a big fan of Andrew’s music as well as the music of some of the other authors, so I like seeing updates and commentary.

7. Simple Mom
I ran across her blog last night and was immediately hooked. She is an organizer extraordinaire, and I can’t wait to implement some of her ideas (and try some of her recipes!).

What are your favorite blogs?


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Here are my favorite three:
Nancy Wilson’s blog Femina, Amy’s Humble Musings, and Kim Riddlebarger’s blog (mostly for his links).

Comment by Emily

Thanks, Emily! I read Humble Musings, but I just went and found/subscribed to the other two.

Comment by chelseykarns

I check regularly. The co-authors are Carolyn Mahaney and her three daughters. It is a great resource for women in any stage of life.

Comment by Mary Catherine

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