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Good eats: A plethora of recipes
July 11, 2008, 5:00 am
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Did you think I stopped cooking?

Don’t worry.

I’ve actually been cooking more in the last week or so than I have in a while, and I’m ready to share all the recipes with you.

Last weekend, in honor of the Fourth of July, Christian and I made homemade pizza dough. We came up with our own toppings and ended up with the best barbecue pizza I’ve ever had. I’ll be posting the whole process next week (I don’t have a link to the recipe, because I can’t remember where I found it).

Monday night was our date night. We went to the movies, so didn’t want to spend money on dinner, so I made a meal of meatball subs (with homemade meatballs), fresh zucchini and pasta shells in white cheddar. I had a great time taking pictures of every step of preparing this meal, so look for an incredibly long dinner-making post next week.

Yesterday I went on a cooking rampage. I made whole wheat bread, beef stroganoff and some more barbecue pizza to eat for dinner the next couple nights. The pizza is for me, the stroganoff is for Christian, and the whole wheat bread is so I can have my first foray into real bread making. I’m hoping to be able to bless my family with a loaf Sunday, too.

Sunday night after church I’m planning to make Rachael Ray’s “pizzagna,” which sounds mighty good.

And Monday night for date night, it’s one of my favorites – chicken piccata. The best I’ve ever had was at the Cheesecake Factory in Nashville. I don’t think mine will be quite as good, but I’m excited about trying it. I experienced my first wine purchasing at Walmart on Wednesday just for this recipe. Embarassingly enough, I had to call Christian at work to ask him if Chardonnay was the same thing as white wine. Bartender, I am not.

And on the fitness front, you’re probably wondering if I’ve been working out. I have. Kind of. Last week was kinda crazy, so I only went to the gym two days. I ran Tuesday, and went to the gym yesterday and today, but I’m a little behind schedule. Look for an update next week.


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I love the new look and I’m very interested in hearing about all your new recipes, particularly the bread making. That is one culinary foray I have yet to attempt, but one which I very much want to try when time allows.

I really need to work on this whole blogging thing. It’s just hard (as I’m sure you can understand) with school, in addition to all the other things on my plate. Maybe I should just start small with some of my favorite recipes!

Comment by Mary Catherine

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