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Indie music lovers, come hither
July 3, 2008, 6:47 pm
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If you know me well, you know how much I love Sandra McCracken and Derek Webb. I’ve seen Derek in concert four or five times, and Sandra twice, not including seeing them both times I’ve seen Andrew Peterson’s “Behold the Lamb” tour.

Although I hope neither Derek nor Sandra knows this, my friends have accused me of almost stalking them when I’m at their concerts. I can’t help it. I think they’re so incredibly cool.

Still, as much as my friends may make fun of me, none of them have a picture with their boyfriend and Derek Webb. This was taken on my second official date with Christian, I guess you could say. It was the first time Christian came to Columbia, and he only came down for one night – to see this concert.

Christian joked to Derek that when we get married and have kids, we’re going to photoshop him holding our babies and us wearing Santa hats and use it for Christmas cards. I think we mildly freaked him out.

The next time I saw Derek Webb, he was playing with Sandra at the same place. Christian couldn’t come, so I went with some other friends. That’s me second from the left, and Emily next to me. I think I really embarassed Emily this time because I kept wanting to ask them for a picture.

I kept joking that I was just going to walk around like this, staring at the two of them. I was kidding, but appparently I had done enough that night that Emily thought I was serious. Oh, Emily.

Anyway, these pictures and embarassing stories are just to say that for a certain amount of time, you can download a CD from each of them for free at I already have both of the CDs they’re offering, so I haven’t tried the download, but the site says you have to input 3 email addresses in order to get the free download, thus spreading Webb/McCracken love to all your friends. Their music is really, really good, so I would suggest emailing everyone you know, but if you’re struggling to get that third address, feel free to use mine –

I don’t know why you’d choose to only download one when they’re both free, but if you want to pick, I’d go with Sandra’s. I do love Derek Webb, but they’re offering The Ringing Bell, which isn’t my favorite of his CDs (although it is quite good).

Anyway. Go to the website. Download the CDs. Fall in love with them.


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