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Good eats: Strawberry limeade smoothies
July 2, 2008, 4:23 pm
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I made this smoothie this morning after having a bright idea at the grocery store. I know you’re supposed to stick to your list to save money, but the limeade juice was on sale and I was craving something sweet and light and Christian and I love limeade type things and – OK, chill out – I bought some limeade juice, and I’m glad I did.

I’ve been making a smoothie every day when I get home from the gym for about the past week. Several days of it has made me quite the smoothie master, as I’ve discovered the best way to make them.

This is basically a variation on the Mary Catherine smoothie.

My first discovery in my smoothie making has been that when it comes to yogurt, brand really does matter. I was using the Walmart variety of fat free plain yogurt, but they only had one container left, so I also grabbed some of the Dannon variety. It was only about $0.30 more at Walmart. I used the Walmart brand first, and thought the smoothies were good. But yesterday I used the Dannon kind, and there was a noticeable difference.

I’ve also stopped really measuring. I just grab a heaping handful of strawberries, pour in about four spoonfuls of yogurt, and pour some juice over top. I’ve been using pineapple orange juice, which is really good, but as I said – today, I bought some limeade.

I used the limeade instead of the pineapple orange juice and omitted the honey, as the limeade is plenty sweet enough. What emerged from the blender was something from paradise: a light and creamy smoothie that tasted like summer.

Smoothies are my new love.


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Can I be your old love?

Comment by Christian

No, you can be my first love. After God, of course. So… I guess my first-and-a-half love.

Comment by chelseykarns

Oooh…that sounds very yummy.

Also, on your post from today, we made homemade pizza last week. Turned out very good. We even made our own pizza dough and I was very surprised how easy it was.

Comment by Mary Catherine

We made pizza dough from scratch, too! It WAS really easy, and I was glad I was able to make it with part whole-wheat flour. Made it somewhat healthy. 🙂

Comment by chelseykarns

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