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Seven of my favorite CDs
June 28, 2008, 9:00 am
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I guess CDs are a little outdated in the iPod age, but I tend to download whole albums on iTunes when I do buy songs, so I’ll let it stand.

I love music. I love finding out about new music. And I especially love good music written by godly people. Here’s my top seven, in no particular order.

1. The Builder and the Architect – Sandra McCracken
Christian gave me this CD after we saw her in concert on our first real date. It’s a collection of hymn-like songs. Some of them Sandra wrote; others are old classics. I love this CD because even though the songs are hopeful, Sandra has a really melancholy feel to her singing and songwriting. Kind of like how life is, sometimes.

2. Redemption Songs – Jars of Clay
I like most of Jars of Clay’s albums, but this one is my favorite. It’s all hymns, but most of them are really upbeat and, thus, a part of my working out playlist. I think my favorite song is “God Will Lift Up Your Head,” which is a poem written by Paul Gerhardt. It’s awesome.

3. Mockingbird – Derek Webb
Derek Webb is probably one of my all time favorite musicians. I know that a lot of people think he’s all liberal/hippie now, and sometimes he seems that way, but it’s clear from his music that he loves the Lord and the Church. Also, a lot of people think this is his worst CD, but it’s my favorite. The musicality of the songs is good, and some of the lyrics are incredibly brutal – but true. My favorite song is the title track; in fact, that’s my ringtone.

4. Indelible Grace I, II, III, IV, V – Indelible Grace
I couldn’t pick just one. I just couldn’t. But probably IV is my favorite, what with “Who is This?” and “Beams of Heaven” both on the same disc. If you’ve never listened to Indelible Grace, don’t do another thing before you go to their website and listen to clips of their songs. The music is incredibly God-exalting, and most of the songs are really well done.

5. Radiate Eric Peters
Christian gave me this CD two Christmases ago, and while I liked it then, I love it now. The lyrics are honest and real, coming from a guy who struggles a lot with doubt (like me).

6. 40 Acres – Caedmon’s Call
They are my all-time favorite band, and while I love all their CDs, this is one is generally recognized as their best – for good reason.

7. The Puffin Mix – Christian Crouch
No, Christian didn’t really record a CD (although that would be quite entertaining). But the first summer we were dating, he made me a mix CD that I still listen to. From U2 to Selah to David Crowder, it’s pretty much the best CD ever created.


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