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Looking back on a good day
June 25, 2008, 6:46 pm
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Today was just… a really good day.

I don’t know what it was.

I woke up this morning excited about going grocery shopping. That was weird. Who likes going to Wal-mart?

At the gym, everything seemed pretty easy today, and I felt good when I finished.

I went to Target first and got five boxes of name-brand¬†cereal and 24 of my favorite granola bars for $12.47. At Wal-mart, cereal generally runs for at least $3 a box, so this was a substantial savings. The deal was, if you bought 5 boxes of Kellogg’s cereal, you got a $5 Target gift card. So I technically spent $17.47, but I go to Target a lot, so I’ll make sure to use the $5 gift card I got for something I need.

Wal-mart was also a success. I stuck to my list, and I got some new things to try. Some of you aren’t going to believe this, but I got black beans and a tomato. A momentous day, indeed. If you’re wondering what those were for, come back tomorrow, because I took pictures – finally.

When I got home, I quickly went to work fixing something to fill my hungry belly. I bought a special item to use to make something I’ll post about on Friday – something that may have been the best thing I’ve ever tasted. Seriously.

I got out of my yucky gym clothes and took a shower. When I was getting dressed, I realized my pants are seriously looser. Hooray!

After putting away groceries and packing a dinner for tonight, I turned some pump-me-up music on and put away the laundry I’ve been sleeping with for two nights. No, really. I felt bad leaving it on the couch, where it had been for the previous two days, so I put it on the corner of my bed. This morning I woke up with a towel and a shirt entangled in my legs.

Once that was put away, I straightened up the rest of my room and made my bed. Then I settled down with my computer to check out the blogosphere and upload the pictures I took of my food purchases (I promise, you’ll see them soon!).

It was so nice to sit there clean, healthy and productive. I just finished eating up dinner here at work (on my dinner break), and I feel great. I’m not tired. I’m not hungry. And I’ve got a water bottle and apple to fill me up later.

Yes, today has been good. Thank you, Lord.


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