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Midweek workout update
June 24, 2008, 4:04 pm
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I’m posting this on Tuesday because my week, as far as working out is concerned, ends Thursday. Christian and I are heading up to Asheville Friday morning for his best friend’s wedding, and because this is going to be my only vacation this summer, I’m going to enjoy myself. I might take my running stuff with me for Friday night, because after the rehearsal dinner Christian will be with the other guys throwing a bachelor’s party for Robert.

So far, this week has been pretty good. I was pleased to see yesterday that I’d lost a half-pound over the weekend. I wasn’t counting my calories, but I was more aware of how I was eating.

I increased my running on the treadmill yesterday. Now I’m running 3 minutes/walking 3 minutes 5 times in a row. I ran yesterday at 10-minute mile pace, but today, because I was feeling worn out, I only ran at 12-minute mile pace. I’m going to stay at these intervals until I can do it comfortably. At this point, I’m not going to increase my total mileage by more than 1 mile a week, and I’m more concerned right now about speed than stamina, since I’ve got pretty good cardio endurance.

The Hundred Pushups are going well. Today I repeated day 1 of week 2, and my max rep was 13 pushups. Last week I could only do 2 or 3, so I’m pleased.

And when I weighed myself after working out – tada! – another half-pound lost. I’m now at 198 pounds!

Stay tuned for Thursday when I break down my improvements for this week.


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