only help my unbelief

A psalm in the night
June 16, 2008, 10:46 pm
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Sometimes it’s easy to look at what we have and think it’s not enough.

We get so habituated to the things in our lives that we wonder if it’s really what we want. Could there be something better?

There might be. There really might. But in our finite minds, we have no way to comprehend the what-could-bes.

And God doesn’t ask us to, because He gives us what we need, and when we look beyond what we have, we start playing God.

So you start wondering if what you have is what God wants, and in your flesh you cry out against it, and yet – it’s still there. And then you realize your foolishness, and your immaturity, and you thank God for what He has given, because it’s more than you could ever have asked for.

And you hang on to it with all your might, because suddenly, you realize your cup is full – and then – it overflows, and your tears wash away as you drown in the mercy that endures forever.


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