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Meeting Christian online: Introducing him to friends
June 5, 2008, 8:58 pm
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Someone found my blog yesterday by searching boyfriend meets friends for first time. I’m guessing my post on how I met Christian wasn’t that helpful, since I stopped the story while I was still meeting his friends for the first time in Tennessee.

I’ll be honest. Introducing Christian to my friends was really awkward, even though most of them had been aware of what was going on as I headed up to meet him for the first time. I later found out at least two of them were incredibly uneasy about all of it.

I guess one reason it’s awkward is because a lot of the time when you start dating someone, your friends already know him. Take my friend Emily, for example. It wasn’t weird the first time I hung out with her and her now-fiance, Gus, because I had known him for over a year. Same with my roommate Emily (yes, another one), and her now-fiance, Brad. They started dating in spring of our sophomore year, but I had known Brad since the first week of freshman year — he lived on the same hall as I did.

But I didn’t have that option. None of my friends knew Christian, except a friend of a friend who I didn’t even know. The only person who kind of “knew” him was Emily, through whose blog I had first come in contact with him. She had read his blog, too, so she knew a little bit less than I did.

She was the first one of my friends to meet him – at a Derek Webb concert. I don’t really remember what it was like, except later she said that he spoke “mountainously” (he still tells people that).

When he met my other friends, I remember it being awkward. Like my two dear Emilys, I didn’t have the blessing of having Chrisitan around all the time, so even when we’d been dating for more than a year, he still seemed fairly “new” to my friends.

So for those of you who are worried about introducing your boyfriend to your friends, I don’t know how much sage advice I have. Sorry.


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