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Seven facts about me
May 31, 2008, 10:41 pm
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In my several year history of reading blogs, I’ve enjoyed weekly blog events like Shannon’s Works for Me Wednesdays and Crystal’s Frugal Fridays.

I’m not asking any of you to participate with me – unless you want to – but because I like lists so much, I’m going to do a seven-point list each Saturday. It may be links, it may be knock-knock jokes, but today, it’s “Seven facts about Chelsey you didn’t know.” You’ll probably be horrified.

1. I’ve probably eaten three fast food hamburgers in my whole life. I dislike ketchup (a story for another day) and pickles (only on hamburgers – I do like them plain), and I especially dislike the look of ketchup and mustard mixed together. I know that I can get hamburgers without these additions, but I can still imagine how it would taste/look if my hamburger had all those things. 

2. Until I lived by myself, I could not wash dishes without wearing latex gloves. Now, I don’t use gloves, and I do wash dishes, but there is one important caveat: I don’t fill the sink up with water while I wash dishes. Instead, I put soap on/in the dish that needs washing and rinse in the sink. This is because I cannot bear to look at or imagine a sink full of lukewarm water, no soap bubbles, with food particles floating around. Seriously. Gross. 

3. When I go into any bathroom with a shower curtain, I quickly pull back the shower curtain. This is to make sure no one is in there waiting to scare me. It looks something like the scene from ‘The Sound of Music’ when Maria pulls the sheets back to check for spiders and finds Gretel’s sock. Unfortunately, though, when I told my roommate Katie about this particularly quirk of mine, I think she started scheming about hiding in the shower. Sigh.

4. When I go out the door, I check my purse for my cell phone, keys and wallet approximately eighteen times. I do this in my room, in the living room, and while I’m standing in the doorway before I shut our apartment door (we use a hotel card-like key to get into our apartment, so there’s really no way of getting back in if you forget your key). While I’m out and about, I also check my purse for these things pretty much any time I take something out or put something in my purse. Pickpockets have nothing on me.

5. I like orange juice, but not oranges; apples, but not apple juice; grapes, but not grape juice; grapefruit juice, but not grapefruits. I have yet to come up with a valid explanation for this.

6. I have eaten at Moe’s at least once a week for the last three years. Once, I ate there twice in one day. It is my all-time favorite restaurant. At least one of the employees at the one I frequent knows about my dislike for beans on my tacos. I will eat there in large groups or alone, eat-in or carry-out. I have a very methodical routine for how I eat, too. I always get three cups of salsa, even though I know I will use more (generally, five cups per meal). I eat my chips first, making sure some of the queso I get lasts until the last chip. I then eat my tacos, pouring salsa on them as I go. It’s a very comforting – and yummy – routine.

7. I met my boyfriend online. But we didn’t meet playing a video game, and we don’t only converse over the Internet. We met in person about a month after first talking online, and he recently moved to Columbia (after two years of dating) to work here. He’s my best friend, and I’ve decided I’m not going to be embarassed anymore about how we met. If you want more details, I’m working on a page about it so I don’t have to tell the story ever again.

There you go. Seven things you probably didn’t know until you got to this page, unless you’re my family (who knows full well the extent of my inability to wash dishes gloveless), Christian (who, obviously, knows how we met) or my roommates (who are my companions at Moe’s almost every week).

What’s OCD quirky about you?


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