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Memorizing Romans
May 28, 2008, 12:13 am
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I’ve tried to memorize the book of Romans numerous times. I think the farthest I ever got was about halfway through the first chapter.

I’ve also tried to memorize Colossians, Ephesians and Philippians.

The number one reason for not finishing is lack of discipline. I spend too much time on other things, when my number one priority should be a devotion to God’s Word, because that is how I truly come to know God.

I stumbled across Adam’s blog tonight, where he recommends the BibleMemory site. I was hesitant because I don’t like memorizing random verses, but then I found that I could do the “Romans” program, which would take me through the entire book of Romans!

From what I’ve done so far, you get an email every day with a link to a helpful exercise to help you memorize the verse. You get a verse a week, which seems kind of slow, but it looks like you can move forward if you’ve already memorized a verse completely.

I’m working on Romans 1:1 right now, but I’ll try to keep you updated on how the program works. In fact, the accountability of this blog may be a really good thing for me.

Update: I see from my blog stats that several people have already clicked on the link to the Bible memory site. Please leave a comment if you use it and like it, so that I can know if I should recommend it to others!


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I’ve been using that website for a year now and I didn’t know you could go verse-by-verse through a book. Awesome find!

Comment by Christian

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