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Changed plans
May 24, 2008, 4:22 pm
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Sometimes God changes our plans in the most unexpected ways.

This morning the plan was to go to the gym with Christian, help him move into his apartment and then take him out shopping for some new work clothes.

We decided to move his stuff in before we went to the gym, but on our first trip back down the stairs, I stepped down wrong and instantly fell face down on the floor.

Pretty sure I sprained my ankle, so now the day’s plans are different. Christian moved the rest of the stuff in by himself (poor guy), then we headed back over to my place so I could ice my ankle. The gym is out of the question, as is walking around the mall for several hours.

As much as I wanted to get all these things done today, I am kind of thankful for the reprieve. Instead, I’m going to spend a quiet afternoon with Christian after a whole week of hardly seeing each other. I’m gonna cook some brownies for the CRAVE luncheon tomorrow, make some hamburgers for lunch and then cook up a spaghetti casserole so Christian and I will both have something to eat for dinner next week.

Not a bad change of plans after all. Thanks, Lord, for teaching me how to be still.


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