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The sin in me
February 15, 2008, 6:15 pm
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Every morning I go through pretty much the same routine once I park my car behind the Coliseum. Instead of going through the closer door to the newsroom, I walk through the parking lot and go around to the front so I can pick up some newspapers. Most days I grab four (all are provided free for students): The New York Times, USA Today, The State (Columbia’s paper) and The Daily Gamecock (the student newspaper). I generally get to school a little early, so I have some time to flip through the papers before we get started.

This morning I saw a Facebook group about something in Northern Illinois. Because I was out with friends most of yesterday, I missed the news about the shooting there. It hurt me to read about more people dead, more people afraid, more families broken.

I then switched over to the student newspaper and on the front page was a story about a fashion show with dresses made out of condoms. The intense marketing effort towards college students breaks my heart, because I know this isn’t what pleases the Lord.

Then I went to The State and saw an article about churches in South Carolina trying to be allowed to host poker games and raffles in order to raise money. It hasn’t passed yet, but it’s on its way. This hurt me as well, because I’m pretty sure God didn’t intend for His people to raise money, no matter how desperately its needed, by succumbing to the practices of the world. Thankfully, if you read the article, there is at least one pastor who sees the inherent problem in churches doing this.

And reading all those things starts to make me feel self-righteous that I’ve never done any of these things. And then I remember last night when I spoke harsh words to someone I love, and how I steamed over things that person had said for a long time, and it took much longer than it should have for me to confess my hard heart to God.

The fact is, the sin in my heart is no worse than the sin in the world. By the grace of God I’ve been forgiven for it, but I wouldn’t put anything past myself.

Praise God that He has given us forgiveness for our sins, and that He promises hope for this fallen world. One day, Christ will return.

Maranatha – come, Lord Jesus!


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