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Total Truth
July 10, 2007, 11:26 pm
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Tonight I spent 2.5 hours at Starbucks reading Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey. I like to read, but this book has sucked me in like no other. You could say I’m devouring it. Here are a few of the points she makes in the book so far that really stuck out to me.

– “The orthodox Christian holds a unified field of truth, because the God who acts in our hearts is also the God who acts in history.”

– “We can offer the world a unified truth that is intellectually satisfying, while at the same time meets our deepest hunger for beauty and meaning.”

– Humanity is always defined by its relationship to whatever is regarded as ultimate reality.

–  Morality is derivative – it stems from one’s worldview; we must engage the underlying worldview.

– Having a Christian worldview is obedience to the Great Commission.

– Evolution itself functions as religion.

– Christians need to reintroduce the concept that religion can be genuine knowledge.

– Everything hangs on your view of origins.

And finally,

“Taking a leap of faith is a sure sign that a person’s philosophy fails to explain human nature as he himself experiences it.”

I really am being captured by this book. It engages the mind as well as the heart, and is God-glorifying. I highly recommend it.

Related to that, someone recently asked me how I find all the good blogs I read. At the moment I have 67 subscriptions on Google Reader. Some of them are RSS feeds from news sites like the New York Times or, but the majority of them are personal or group blogs that I’ve found by spending the majority of my free time on the Internet. Tonight I added several subscriptions to my list in order to have a more comprehensive view of what’s going on in the world. I’m hoping that reading more liberal, secular sites/blogs will enable me to practice analyzing biblically oppositional worldviews. In the next couple of days, I’m going to start linking to some of the blogs/RSS feeds that I read daily.


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