only help my unbelief

July 2, 2007, 12:28 am
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Christian is coming home to me in 20 days. Well, I guess he’s coming home to more things than me. But I’m the one picking him up at the airport, so technically I’ll be the first somewhat familiar thing he will see. So I’ll stand by my statement: Christian is coming home to me in 20 days.

He’s in a town called Heilbronn right now, staying with an older couple from the church he’s been attending. He’ll be with them all this week and is going back to Bamberg on Sunday. I’ll get to talk to him again in 7 days.

They’re going to London this coming week for a conference. London is a dangerous place now, apparently, which I was reminded of about 15 minutes before we said “goodbye.” I know that God is bigger than terrorists. I also know that anxiety is just a euphemism for not trusting God, which is a sin. Nevertheless, I will be very, very happy when he returns back to Heilbronn. He’ll be out of very, very potential terror-related danger in 5 days.

I guess there are other things to countdown besides things related to Christian, but he’s on my mind and heart right now, so I’ll leave it at that.

Oh, well, my aunt and uncle and three cousins (all under 6 years old) are leaving Tuesday. 2 days. I’m having fun with them, but I think the dog is ready for them to leave, so this last countdown is for Teddy.


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